Cities, Space and Power – Changing the Conversation in the Built Environment

“If we avoid the difficult conversations, they will perpetuate and be repeated through our profession and our practices.” Tariq Toffa at the book launch of Cities, Space and Power. A book aimed at facing the difficult conversations and changing the dialogue in the Built Environment.

Cities, Space and Power is the first volume of the book series The Built Environment in Emerging Economies. The series edited by Prof Amira Osman was conceptualised to give airtime to the voices, projects and thinking that were not getting a platform through main stream channels. As a scholarly book, it intends to transform academic thinking.

Platform100 was proud to launch this first volume at the annual We are SACAP stakeholder convention in a panel discussion with authors Prof Ricardo Sanín-Restrepo, Tariq Toffa and Prof Denise Morado Nascimento.  The session was moderated by Prof Osman and Mr Gareth Wall with commentary from Prof Christina Schade (Visiting professor at Residency in Architecture and Urban Planning and Engineering, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil) and Prof Nnamdi Elleh, Head of School, Wits University – School of Architecture and Planning

 “We hope that this book series helps re-conceptualise the expectation of what countries of emerging economies are, and how they may evolve with specific reference to the built environment.” Amira Osman.

To download a copy of the AOSIS open access publication follow this link:

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